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Boxing clever: Yes, we only used this photo because there are no public domain images of Russell Crowe (Pixabay)

Gather around the fireplace, ye brethren, and harken to me—for I am here to tell you The Curious Story of Russell Crowe’s Boxing Jockstrap. No. Really.

In 2005, Australian Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe appeared in Cinderella Man, a highly-acclaimed biopic of early twentieth century boxer James J Braddock, who was named world heavyweight boxing champion for three times in the mid 1930s.

In said role, in said film, Crowe wore a large leather jockstrap.

Now. From there, fast forward to 2018, when a movie memorabilia auction was held at which Russell Crowe sold a number of props and costumes from his illustrious career—among them, his Cinderella Man jockstrap, which was given an auction estimate of $500–600.

Just when this tale can’t get any stranger, in the said memorabilia sale, the said undergarment went on to sell for a staggering $7,000.

But just when this tale can’t get any stranger, it soon after transpired that Russell Crowe’s jockstrap had been bought by US talkshow host and comedian John Oliver.

But just when this tale really can’t get any stranger, said talkshow host John Oliver decided to donate said jockstrap to the last surviving Blockbuster Video store in Alaska, who went on to keep said jockstrap in a glass-fronted memorabilia cabinet.

But just when this tale really can’t get any stranger, Russell Crowe then heard about what had happened to his boxing jockstrap, and, touched by Oliver’s selfless act of charity, gamely donated the sale price of said jockstrap—$7,000—to the Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland.

And just when this tale absolutely can’t get any stranger, said zoo then used the money to open a specialist ward for the treatment of chlamydia infections in koalas.

And that, dear brethren, is the Curious Tale of Russell Crowe’s Jockstrap.

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