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Hello. This is Yes or BS, a new blog and podcast from the team behind Haggard Hawks. Here, everything you will read on the blog or hear on the podcast is either completely true, or complete BS. 


Either way, everything will seem completely unbelievable; it’s up to you to decide just how unbelievable it is


To play the game yourself, pick a blog from the Yes or BS page, read it through, and decide whether you think it’s true or a pack of lies. Click either YES or BS in the box at the bottom of each blogpost to find out if what you’ve read is true or complete garbage—and whether or not you guessed correctly... 

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The fact you’re even reading this makes you absolutely brilliant.

And that’s not BS. 



Paul is a writer and author based in Newcastle upon Tyne. He has written six books, writes regular articles for Mental Floss, and runs the popular language-based Twitter account @HaggardHawks. His specialist subjects include languages, birds, the languages of birds, and the screenplay to Sister Act, which he can quote almost line by line to the annoyance of everyone nearby. In 1969, he narrowly missed out on joining the Apollo 11 space crew, when his fear of bees led to him to assault Buzz Aldrin in the forecourt of the Kennedy Space Center. 


Anthony is a voice over artist (and failed chartered accountant) based in Gateshead. Having lived in locations as far afield as Honshu, the south of France, and Nottingham, he has amassed an extensive knowledge of the world that encompasses everything from Japanese history to the history of Japan. Other specialist subjects include dressing gowns, fabric octopodes, complaining about the price of postcards, and cooking with mace. Having suffered from sciatica for many years, Anthony once appeared on an episode of Get Your Own Back, in which he tried to get his own back on his own back. You can find him at


International Man of Mystery™ Emerson Chambers hails from the picturesque town of Jarrow, renowned both for the Jarrow March and for the number of retired design and technology teachers who live there. Having worked in government for several years, Mr Chambers’ specialist subjects include politics, politicians, and collecting combs for politicians. For five months in 1984, he acted as Tina Turner’s talent agent and secured her the role of Aunty Entity in Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome; Ms Turner later described her time with Mr Chambers’  agency as “the second worst time of my life.”

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