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“Honest Abe”. “Handsome Frank”. “Landslide Lyndon”. Some American presidents’ nicknames could be used with pride. Others—like “Rutherfraud”, “Bullshit Johnson”, and John Adams’ “His Rotundity”—perhaps less so. And then, of course, you find out that Grover Cleveland’s nickname was “Big Steve”.

Big Steve Cleveland. Plate of pies just out of shot.

Why? Well, “Grover” was actually the two-time President’s middle name; his first name (by which he was known throughout his childhood) was actually Stephen.

As for “Big”? At 5‘ 11“ and over 250lbs, Cleveland certainly wasn’t among the leanest of presidents, and his infamously vast waistline was matched by an equally infamous love of beer and rich food. (Reportedly, during the 1870 election campaign, Cleveland agreed with his staff to limit himself to only a modest four glasses of beer per day.)

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