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Being President of the United States is a demanding job. And it’s fair to say that (until recently as least) many holders of that position have understood the importance of keeping themselves fit and healthy while in office.

Of all the fitness fanatics ever to have held the Highest Office in the Land, however, it’s probably Theodore Roosevelt who takes the top spot.

Teddy boy: The face of a natural born sportsman

(Wikimedia Commons/Public domain)

Not only was good ol‘ Teddy a keen boxer, cross-country hiker, wrestler, horse rider, polo player, tennis player and rower, he also took up jiujitsu and judo whilst in office—and even went so far as to fit out the basement of the White House with judo training mats.

As if that weren’t impressive enough a sporting record, President #26 eventually became so proficient at judo that, after he left office, he became the first person in America to attain a brown belt.

Not a bad achievement for a 200lb, 50-something spectacle-wearer who was blind in one eye.

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